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26 October 2009 @ 04:03 pm
i know in my heart its not you...  
Heey, so i havent updated in a while really have I. Mainly because i havent been up to anything other than College and Work. Still havent really got anything to update about, im just updating because i can't be bothered doing anymore Homework today lol. I am suposed to making a portfolio full of set construction materials, set decoration materials and equipment an tools used. Its easy but just taking for ever to pile it all together. God i am even getting distracted while typing this entry lol, keep just starring out of the window. Its really pretty outside its like that perfect Autumn weather were it is cold but really pretty with all the colours.

I am on half term this week yay. Finally a week of lie ins. Needs them muchas even if my lie ins are no later than 10am. Even when i didnt go to sleep til like 3:30 last night because i was watching the Giants vs. Cardinals game. Go Cardinals. I am really into NFL this season, i have always liked it but never really followed it if that makes sense, but this season i have been.

Erm thats really all i can think of to say lol. So buh byes xx
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Current Music: Paramore - I Caught myself.
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